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Hunan Perfly Biotech Co., Ltd. was officially established on May 18th, 2006. Its headquarter is in Changsha, Hunan. The company is a comprehensive company specialized in animal nutrition research and it sets research & development, production, sales and services in one. The company has passed ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certification, ISO22000: 2018 Food Safety Management System Certification, and FAMI-QS European Feed Additives and Premix Feed Quality System Certification.
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Hot Products

  • PerC Cys S27

    PerC Cys S27

    Unique three-layer coated technology makes it good stability to realize the controlled-release in the whole digestive tract. Use up somatostatin to promote anabolic metabolism, which bumps up the speed of growth significantly.

  • PerC S50

    PerC S50

    Double “50” Controlled-release feature ensure 50% of sodium butyrate and 50% of targeted release rate in colon. Provide energy for epithelial tissue in colon to prevent nutritional diarrhea caused by colonitis. Sustained release rate in small intestine can reach above 30% to improve intestinal tissue morphology and to maintain intestinal probiotics balance and to promote the absorption in small intestine.  

  • PerC LYS

    PerC LYS

    Good fluidity, easily mixing, safety pelleting, rumen-bypass rate ≥ 87%, release rate in small intestine ≥ 93%. Increase the absorption of amino acids in small intestine and abomasum, which realizes amino acid balance precisely to prevent the lack of amino acids, improving FCR.

  • PerPremix SNR(Coconut oil)

    PerPremix SNR(Coconut oil)

    Microcapsule emulsification embedding technology and high-pressure homogenization treatment can control particle size within 2μm and isolate oil from outside to improve antioxidant property and prolong shelf life, meanwhile the oil is compounded, which is much easier to be absorbed. Using high-quality refined coconut oil as ingredient, it has good palatability and attractant with natural flavor. Abundant medium-chain fatty acids can inhibit bacteria and block virus. 

  • PerGABA


    It can reduce the sensitivity of animals to stressors and the incidence and impact of various stresses caused by breeding management, disease treatment and sudden environmental changes. It can increase animal appetite and inhibit catabolism to reduce energy consumption by stimulating feeding center and suppressing satiety center, which increases feed intake, daily gain and feed conversion.

  • PerBP


    An animal cellular antioxidant whose active ingredient is biological polyphenols can activate germ cells, regulate the levels of various sex hormones, remove free radicals in the body, reduce various types of stress, improve immunity, promote animal growth, reduce yellow fat, and extend the shelf life of meat. For aquatic animals, it can enhance liver detoxification, reduce the occurrence of hepatobiliary syndrome, and improve their body color and body shape. 

  • PerZINCO S

    PerZINCO S

    A modified zinc oxide, the area of PerZINCO S can reach above 50m2 each gram, which is 2.5 folds as much as ordinary feed grade zinc oxide. The astringent effect of zinc oxide on intestinal mucosal damage is proportional to its area; therefore, PerZINCO S has a greater astringent effect on intestinal damaged mucosa, so it has a stronger ability to resist Escherichia coli.

  • PerPEO


    With a variety of plant essential oils, It has a broad-spectrum antibacterial ability to inhibit Salmonella, E. coli, Clostridium perfringens, mycoplasma; it has a better stability, being stable to heat, enzymes, acid and alkali, to ensure that essential oil components are effective, and when it can be used with organic acids, having synergistic effects.

  • PerMicro BS 1702

    PerMicro BS 1702

    The strain has the features of short generation time, fast growth and strong resistance. It has the ability of broad-spectrum antibacterial, killing Clostridium perfringens (G+), Escherichia coli (G-), Salmonella (G-), which improves the intestinal microecosystem by enzyme production and ammonia reduction and abundant enzyme system to prevent necrotizing enteritis.

  • PerYC S

    PerYC S

    Improve the gastrointestinal microecology by stimulating the reproduction of intestinal lactobacillus and increasing the types of microorganisms and the content of beneficial bacteria, thereby reducing the reproduction and activity of harmful bacteria, and maintaining the balance of the gastrointestinal microecology. The β-glucan in yeast culture can swallow, destroy and absorb toxins and viruses immersed in the body, degrade the content of harmful substances in the feed, and adsorb plasma endotoxins.

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