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AS a sponsor to attend the SUNNY forum, talking about suckling piglet nutrition

Summer days in bloom, spring city of Kunming witnessed a distinguished meeting about animal husbandry. 

The 11th International Forum on Nutrition and Health of Suckling Piglets was successfully concluded in spring city of Kunming on July 22nd, 2022. Academicians attended the forum, and Perfly Group attended the forum as a sponsor. 

The topic subject of this forum is creep feed and nursery feed, and many experts and scholars discussed the key difficult problems in the field of creep feed and nursery feed. Theoretical analysis plus experiment sharing and solution output plus hands-on explanation is to provide technical support for the majority of enterprises, being beneficial to the early nutrition and health of suckling piglets.

The Core Topics

The New Technology

The formula of creep feed and nursery feed

The technical routine of creep feed and nursery feed

New breakthrough in functional protein raw material research and development

Balancing techniques for pig health and farming efficiency in post-ASF era

The New Thinking

Reject the traditional feeding method of "all-in-one nutrition" 

Eat well, but grow strong! 

New surprise 

Build the core competitiveness of products under non-antibiotics era.

Explore a new development path from creep feed to nursery feed.

In this forum, intestinal health is the most talked topic and is one of application sections of many functional additives. The animal intestine is an important digestive organ and an important immune organ, which includes mechanical barrier, chemical barrier, microbial barrier and immune barrier, etc. A good intestine should be good digestion and absorption, good mechanical barrier, balanced flora and immune. Products commonly used for piglet intestinal health mainly include the following categories:

01 Inhibiting Detriment Bacteria

Such as antibacterial peptides, bacteriostatic acidulants, coated essential oils (PerPEO)

Broad-spectrum bacteriostatic Subtilin (PerMicro Cyc)

PerPremix SNR (Coconut Oil)

Bacillus coagulans, etc.

02 Intestinal Nourishment

Glutamine, coated sodium butyrate (PerC S50)

03 Promoting Digestion

Enzyme preparations, acidifiers, probiotics, etc.

04 Anti-inflammatory

PerPremix SNR (Linseed Oil)

Essential oils, plant extracts (PerPlantExtra R)

05 Astringent

Zinc oxide (PerZINCO S), tannic acid, etc.