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PerC P50


Provide energy for intestinal epithelial cells to repair damaged mucous membranes, which decreases the incidence of watery stool and the death rate and improves the uniformity of poultry. Antibacterial, sterilization and the regulation of intestinal microecological balance can maintain intestinal health, improve immunity and poultry uniformity, and reduce diarrhea rate. The synergistic effect with coccidian vaccine and anti-coccidian drugs reduces the losses caused by coccidiosis.


Promote the growth and repair of villi in small intestine, which increases feed digestive rate and feed efficiency to reduce feed stools. Extend egg production peak period. Increase laying rate, egg weight and qualified egg rate. Improve egg cleanliness and quality. The special coating process can eliminate the bad smell of sodium butyrate powder to relieve the impact on workers when using it.